Shipping options

In-State // Their Own Trucks

In state are shipped on PLF trucks orders are done two day in advance Monday by noon for Wednesday, Tuesday by noon for Thursday, Wednesday for Friday, and Friday for Monday. We will deliver on Tuesday only full loads. The freight charge is 75.00 for orders from 1000.00 to full trucks.  We run 53' semi's and box-trucks. If a semi can not access a job site a box-truck can be use at customers request the freight price will depend on distance and availability of trucks.

Out Of State Shipping

The customer is responsible for securing a freight company. We will consolidate all of the material at our shipping dock so there is only one pickup location. All orders have to be submitted the day before by noon so it can be consolidated. We will sleeve and label call for pricing.

International Shipping

We can load 20' and 40' refrigerated containers also open-top containers. Call for more information.

Homestead Location

27805 SW 197th Avenue

Homestead, FL 33031