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Acalypha Wilkesiana 'Variegated'

Copper Leaf Variegated (Copper Leaf Java White)

This amazing plant has bright red long drooping tassel like flowers on green & white foliage. The chenille plant is aptly named because it also has extremely soft flowers that are the plants namesake.

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  • »  Fast growing
  • »  Green & White leafs
  • »  Coarse pinnate ruffled leaf
  • »  Leaf can vary from 4" - 8" in length
  • »  Good for hedging, boarders, and accents
  • »  Moderately drought tolerant

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Copper Leaf Variegated

It is a great container and hanging basket choice but requires partial shade and ample water.

Additional Information
Height 4 ft
Foliage Color Variegated
Detailed Description for Acalypha 'Variegated'

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