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Acer rubrum 'Summer Red®'

Red Maple

An amazing bright Red Maple Variation. Beautiful burgundy leaves change color as the age into a dark enchanting green. Summer Red maples love full sun and are an elite tree to have included in your landscaping portfolio. Fully grown specimens can reach up to 40'. The red Maple is a great choice for landscapers. Grows at a decently fast rate will grow around 24 inches a year at max. Full sun is best. Good color ranges from yellow to red. Deciduous changes colors in autumn.

  • »  Emerging leaves burgundy red
  • »  Vibrant fall foliage
  • »  An excellent shade tree
  • »  Dense, broad habit
  • »  Hardiness 3 - 9
  • »  Full sun

Additional Information
Height 35-40 ft
Spread 20-25 ft
Hardiness Zone 5-9
Detailed Description for Acer 'Summer Red®'

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