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Agave americana

Century plant

Agave americana is cultivated as an ornamental plant.  Agaves are sturdy, architectural plants that provide a visually stimulating and low-maintenance addition to your garden.  It is also a popular landscape plant in beach gardens in Florida.

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  • »  These plants are symmetrical, drought tolerant and slow-growing
  • »  An excellent, low-maintenance choice for your landscape
  • »  Great solution for specimen containers

Interesting Notes

The bloom stalk can grow a foot per day, topping out at more than 25 feet tall.  Agave has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, allowing it to heal wounds, burns, and skin irritations.  

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Century plant

Agave grow best in the sun, and in places where they received direct and reflected sun.  Water and cold are the two primary threats to blue agave.  Water weekly for the first month after planting, then let the soil dryt. After that once-a-month watering is adequate spring through fall.  Do not water at all during the winter.  These plants have spiny tips.  Therefore, when planting, gardeners will want to wear leather gloves and be cautious while handling.

Additional Information
Height 6-8 ft
Spread 6-10 ft
Spacing 6-10 ft
Hardiness Zone 9b - 10
Bloom Color Yellow
Foliage Color Blue
Detailed Description for Agave