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Allamanda cathartica 'Brown Bud'

Golden Trumpet

Brown Bud Allamanda is an upright shrubby vine.  Blooms summer thru fall in full sun with brilliant golden yellow 2-4" trumpet like flowers.   They can be trained as a shrub or a vine.  Commonly seen as a landscape ornamental in tropical locations.

  • »  Vine perfect for use on fencing, lattice, trellis, or porch railing.
  • »  Dependable vigorous bloomer through out the warm season.
  • »  Large, fragrant, deep golden yellow flowers.

Interesting Notes

In the tropics, Allamandas are often pruned and used as a blooming hedge.  Produces brown buds that open up into a large bright yellow flower.  Very showy when blooming.


Growing and Maintenance Tips for Golden Trumpet

To cover a fence, place plants 3 feet apart. Give enough room so nearby shrubs aren't too close.  Add top soil or organic peat humus to the planting hole.  During flowering it requires some extra water to avoid flower loss.  Spring is the best time prune, before the growing season begins.  Fertilizing Allamanda cathartica is once every two weeks during active growth. 

Additional Information
Height 6-10 ft
Spread 5-6 ft
Spacing 3-4 ft
Hardiness Zone 10 - 12
Bloom Color Yellow
Foliage Color Green
Detailed Description for Allamanda 'Brown Bud'

Allamanda cathartica is a strong vine plant/climber with large bell shaped yellow blooms and shiny deep green, 2-4 inch evergreen leaves.  This plant is a vigorous, rambling woody climber that can get up to 12 feet tall.