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Archontophoenix alexandrae

King Alexander Palm (King Palm)

The King Alexander is a tall, solitary, fast-growing palm with large, stiff, pinnate leaves, providing a graceful and elegant appearance.  It has a smooth grey trunk with prominent leaf base scars,  trunk base usually swollen and has a light green crownshaft.  Prefers full sun, but also tolerable to partial shade.

  • »  Cold hardy pinnate leafed palm
  • »  Tall single stemmed palm normally grown in single, double or triple trunk configurations
  • »  Fairly fast grower, averaging about 1-3 ft per year

Interesting Notes

A popular park and garden plant.  This palm presents a stately accent to any landscape design.  Presenting well as a solitary accent palm or in a grouping of palms.

Growing and Maintenance Tips for King Alexander Palm

These palms can be grown in full sun or in the shade. They do like more water than most palms, with some even doing well in poorly drained areas.  This palm loves to be fed and watered regularly.

Additional Information
Height 60-80 ft
Spread 5-9 ft
Spacing 8-15 ft
Hardiness Zone 10b-11
Foliage Color Green
Detailed Description for Archontophoenix

Archontophoenix alexandrae is a tall, solitary, handsome palm to about 60-80 ft tall with a spread of about 9-10 ft.  Flowers are formed below the crownshaft with the creamy flower stalks holding purple flowers. The round fruit, about 12 mm in diameter, turn bright red at maturity.