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Bucida buceras

Black Olive (Shady Lady)

Shady Lady Black Olive is a very clean, desirable tropical tree.  One of the most popular and widely used street trees in South Florida.  Can be utilized as single outstanding focal point or as multiple specimens in a large landscape project.

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  • »  One of South Florida's most beautiful shade trees.
  • »  Great for Oriental gardens with it's bonsai-like outward spreading horoizontal growth habit.
  • »  Rarely adversely effected by pests or disease.

Interesting Notes

Despite the name, the tree is completely unrelated to the edible olive.  A dense sideways oval crown makes them an excellent shade tree.

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Black Olive

Leave lower leaves on trees during the yonger stages of growth.  Water on a regular basis with enough time in between waterings to let the tree dry out a bit.  Fertilize 3 times a year during spring, summer and autumn with a quality granular fertilizer.  It generally grows best in rich soil but will adapt to almost any soil type.

Additional Information
Height 10-40 ft
Spread 10-30 ft
Spacing 15-30 Feet
Hardiness Zone 10b - 11
Bloom Color Yellow
Foliage Color Green
Detailed Description for Bucida

The Black Olive Tree (Bucida buceras) is a tropical tree native to Central America and the Caribbean. It's covered with tiny yellow-beige flowers in spring.  The tree develops a large thick trunk that is covered by a thick gray bark.  Mature trees flower in the spring with abundant clusters of tiny yellowish flowers.