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Tripsacum 'dactyloides'

Fakahatchee grass (Eastern gama grass)

Fakahatchee grass is most often found growing along river banks, hammocks, swamps, and other wet sites throughout most of Florida.

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  • »  Great addition to the landscape and requires almost no maintenance.
  • »  Very high tolerance to flooding.
  • »  Can be used as a hedge, individual large clump or as a low screen.

Interesting Notes

The grassy structure of these plants can add a bit of diversity to your landscape.  It is an extremely popular Florida native ornamental grass.  An interesting plant with an unusual appearance.

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Fakahatchee grass

Plant spacing for your new plantings is important to allow enough room for growth.  This grass can become quite large, although it is not particularly aggressive.  Periodically, cutting back to the ground or division is necessary.

Additional Information
Height 4-6 ft
Spread 4-6 ft
Hardiness Zone 8 - 11
Bloom Color Pink
Foliage Color Green
Detailed Description for Tripsacum 'dactyloides'