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Miscanthus sinensis 'Gracillimus'

Ornamental Grass

This awesome ornamental grass, is sometimes called maiden grass. Purple plumes of flowers appear in late summer. Does best in moist soil that is well fertilized. Drought and salt tolerant 

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  • »  Perennial, ornamental grass
  • »  Tall, clumping habit
  • »  Golden-tan in the fall into winter
  • »  Plumes age to silvery white
  • »  Great winter interest
  • »  Use in perennial border

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Ornamental Grass

Miscanthus is easy to grow and is a good choice for beginners. It will grow in most any soil, from loose sand to heavy clay, and does not require good drainage. Grow this grass in full sun except in warmer regions where some afternoon shade is best. Fertilization is not necessary. Divide Miscanthus in spring or early summer to give it time to establish its roots before winter arrives. Only in the mildest of climates should it be divided in the fall.

Additional Information
Height 5-6 ft
Spread 3-4 ft
Hardiness Zone 5-9
Detailed Description for Miscanthus 'Gracillimus'

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