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Panicum virgatum 'Heavy Metal'

Switch Grass

This flowering ornamental grass has metallic blue foliage. Best grown in USDA hardiness zone 5–9. During the winter as a golden color. Lots of water in full sun these can get up to 5 feet tall.

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  • »  Ornamental grass
  • »  Robust grower
  • »  Awesome metallic blue foliage
  • »  Colorful flower heads
  • »  Foliage offers great golden winter color
  • »  Use in the shrub or perennial border

Growing and Maintenance Tips for Switch Grass

Panicum is very easy to grow and is a good grass for beginners. It will grow in any soil, from sand to clay, is drought tolerant once established, and even withstands periodic flooding. Grow this grass in full sun. It will tolerate light shade, but will flop over if the shade is too heavy. Panicum is wind and salt tolerant, making it a good choice for seaside gardens or along roads that are salted in winter.

Additional Information
Height 4-5 ft
Spread 24-36 in
Hardiness Zone 5-9
Detailed Description for Panicum 'Heavy Metal'

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